heart talk

This last weekend my wife and I got a chance to spend a few extra hours of time together and talked about the things that had had been on our hearts. It was amazingly refreshing to expose my heart to her and be seen for who I am rather than be evaluated only on the quality of my most recent brief or the results of my last interview. In eNgage we have been talking about defining ourselves as who we are rather than what we do; I feel one of the first big steps in that sort of living is sharing with others the things God has put in your heart.

My brother-in-law is a pastor at a pretty amazing church in Hollywood called Ecclesia. http://www.churchinhollywood.com While teaching through Romans he asserted that “sin is not failure, sin is rebellion.” Sharing our hearts with each other is critical to our growth individually and in our relationships together, but it is even more vital that we share our hearts with God. Rather than seeing our faith as another exam, another test, another outward measure of what we ‘should’ do or recently failed to do, we are able to open our hearts to relate as sons- rather than insurgents. Today, what I want you to consider is not if you read your bible this week or if your thoughts could not find their way out of the gutter. Think about how God has been stirring or moving in your heart this week and share those emotions and passions with someone- today. Take a step in transforming the way in which you measure yourself from outward actions to inward passions and help someone else see you for who you are by letting them see your heart.


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