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1 Samuel 15:22.  “Does the lord delight in burnt offerings and sacrafices as much as obeying his commands? Behold, to obey is better than to sacrifice.”  In other words, obeying the Lord is more important than worshiping Him.  Which makes sense because if we obey the Lord, we will be worshiping him according to His commandments. The whole point of worship is to express gratitude to God because He saved us from our transgression of His law. So why would He delight in worship that is in violation of His law?  Jesus said, “if you love me keep my commandments.” Love is the motive, and obedience is the action. Love bears fruit of obedience.  Does a mother delight in her boy who crosses a busy street to pick her flowers? In the same way, how much more does our Father, who knows the eternal consequences of our disobedience, delight in our worship that is not accordance to His commandments?

Cursing and swearing

Matt. 26:74 – Peter loved his Lord and followed Him after He was taken at Gethsemane.  Peter was anxious to see what would be done with Jesus.  But when he was accused of being one of His disciples, fear for his own safety led him to declare that he did not know Jesus.  A second time they questioned him and a second time he denied His Lord.  The third time that he was asked, Peter went to great lengths to convince his accusers that he was not a follower of Christ.  He did this with cursing and swearing.  The disciples were noted for the purity of their language.  Being fishermen, I’m sure this was quite the change from their previous habits or from the practice of other fishermen.  So, in order to give his accusers overwhelming evidence, Peter denied the charge the third time with cursing and swearing so that they would know that he was not a follower of God.

The story made me wonder, how often do we curse and swear when we are upset or offended?  Even worse, we thoughtlessly use curse words during casual conversations with our friends!!!  When we use such words are we alerting others that we are followers of Christ? Are we drawing the hearer’s mind to our love for our Savior? Or are we, by those words, inadvertently denying our Lord and portraying to the world that we don’t know Him?  In order to be “Metal Men” and to be known as “Metal Men,” we should “keep our tongues from evil” and guard the words that we say, because, unlike Peter at that point in his life, we are unashamed of being associated with Christ.

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