By Jer

Stories create reality.

At least that was the proclamation advanced by Pepperdine University’s Reel Stories Film Festival earlier this year.

Stories are hard to get away from here in Los Angeles. Almost everyone you meet has a good one, and many people work in the world’s most prolific story-telling industry – Hollywood.

But while many Christians lament our culture’s ubiquitous deterioration, especially as paraded by Hollywood’s own in both storytelling and daily life, many others fail to understand the power of stories and our own Christian heritage as storytellers and story-makers.

Thus, we as Christians, fail to create reality.

And, we fail to create culture. Instead, we ‘Christianize’ various parts of the culture others are creating in attempts that are frequently banal and unimpressive. Worse yet, we continue to complain about the culture and its storytellers and story-makers. While pejorative and confident in our arbitrage, we fail to realize that we are steadily losing relevance in this great, once-Christian nation – founded by Christian storytellers and story-makers!

So what do we do?

I think that as Christians and as men, we need to start telling stories. This is one of the things this little group called eNgage is all about: Telling the stories that need to be told, to the people they need to be told to. As young men, we need the stories of God’s enduring faithfulness in the lives of other men, especially those in the generation that immediately precedes us. We must realize that the torch will soon be passed, and our time as storytellers begins now.

And, as our own faith is fanned to flame by the stories we are told, we need to be men who start making our own stories. This is also what eNgage is all about: A community of young men who are walking with God and standing in the gap for this generation, and those to come. The truth is that, as individuals who have collectively chosen to embrace our Father’s grand story, we stand poised to live great stories today – stories with eternal significance.

As a result of this story-telling and story-making focus, we are hoping eNgage fosters the development of a community of young men committed to being storytellers and story-makers, both individually and collectively; men who have embraced their Christian heritage and are telling the stories handed down of God’s faithfulness, and extending His legacy and Kingdom by making stories of our own. Thus, we aim to influence reality by equipping and encouraging the young men of our generation to be the storytellers and story-makers they were created to be!

If you are this kind of man – a Christian storyteller and story-maker – welcome. Stand with us and ‘eNgage.’ If you’re not, it’s never too late become one. Consider once again the greatest story ever told and put your trust in Jesus the Christ by accepting His free gift of salvation. You’ll then be ready.

Do you question the power of stories? As Daniel Pink summarizes in his recent bestselling book, A Whole New Mind, “…what stories can provide [is] context enriched by emotion, a deeper understanding of how we fit in and why that matters.” He continues, “… what has always been true but rarely acted upon [is] that we must listen to each other’s stories and that we are each the authors of our own lives.” (115).

So buckle your seat belt and join us. Our Father started this great story many years ago and it’s still building to its climax. More importantly, you’re both an author and a main character. Your part, your life, is important and we need you to ‘eNgage.’

– Jer

Need more help becoming a storyteller and story-maker? Click here. Or, check out this video:

Living a Better Story Seminar from All Things Converge Podcast on Vimeo.


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